About Us

Club Info

Aftermath was formed in the summer of 2000 by a group of friends in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Now with chapters all over the world, the club continues to maintain its motto “Quality Over Quantity.” Members range from full custom sport trucks to full custom Euro’s. We have no president or leader, we all act as equals and club decisions are just that… club decisions. We have a few simple rules we follow and expect each other to maintain throughout membership.

Joining Aftermath

If you are interested in joining Aftermath, please email: Also, feel free to join our forums, and introduce yourself to the other members. If your application is accepted, you may proceed to purchase a vinyl club logo. These logos can be designed to your specifications and liking but are asked to be well presented. If your application is denied, you may continue to attend Aftermath meetings and resubmit you application at any time for another club vote.

Starting a Chapter

If you are interested in forming a chapter of Aftermath, please gather all necessary information for applicants (make, model, mods, pics) and email it to:

Club Rules

Aftermath has been set up to be a laid back type of atmosphere where membership is more fun than a hassle. The rules are as follows:

  1. All customs must be cleanly modified with absolutely no wire wheels
  2. All members must be respectful to the club name and not disrespect it or any of its members in any form at any time
  3. The club does not collect dues, the only time money will be necessary will be for the purchase of club merchandise such as shirts, logos, etc…
  4. Should any members violate or abuse any of the club rules, they may be asked to scrape their logo

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